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Our after dinner speech examples show just what you should say if you are asked to be an after dinner speaker. Like our samples your speech ought to be light-hearted and set the tone for an enjoyable gathering. It should take into account the fact that the guests are people who have some company or some association in common.
If you order one of our speech packs you will receive at least three different speeches any one of which may meet your needs. Alternatively, you may choose to mix and match the various pieces in the pack. Our packs also contain short catchy poems to add to the enjoyment of the evening. So check out our after dinner speech examples and see how we can help you be a speaker who will help the evening go with a real bang.


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Cab Drivers Speech and Poem


This speech is suitable for a cab driver who is speaking at an annual dinner party.


All of us have seen the movie where the detective jumps in a cab and says "Follow that car." Tonight, however, the forces of law and order will have to jump on bicycles because all the cab drivers are here and they are certainly not for hire.

Tonight is a night to switch off our meters and to relax and enjoy ourselves with our friends. We won't be talking about fares or the dangers we face in our work because tonight is a night for fun. That definitely means a night for telling stories about the people we carry in our cabs.

There can be no doubt about it, all human life is there at one time or another. We have drunks singing "Show me the way to go home." There are lawyers who have to be there on time to sign on the dotted line. Then there are the patients who are going to hospitals and the happier ones who are going home. We have tourists who are doing the sights and who expect us to give potted histories on the Statue of Liberty and cab drivers have to be philosophical because much as they would like to they can't do anything about traffic jams. So it's either a question of high blood pressure or just sitting back and going with the flow. If everyone really has a book in them I reckon cab drivers have a whole series of them and they would all be best sellers. After all, they have all the ingredients needed. There is drama, romance and danger in the back seat

Tonight we are catching up with our friends and, hopefully, making few new ones. We are dining in style which makes a change from takeaways. We deserve it. In fact, when you think of the unsociable hours we work and the dangers we face I think we deserve more than a night out. I think we all deserve a world cruise. The only cruising most of us will do is around the city,

So we had better make the most of tonight. If you feel like singing, feel free. If you want to dance on the table, don't let us stop you. If you feel like painting the town red, be our guest. Tonight is your night and it's up to you to make sure it is a night to end all nights and we don't even mind if you want to have a drink or two. Being the law abiding citizens we are we've arranged for a bus home.

So tonight let us raise our glasses in a toast to the folk who keep the city moving, The Cab drivers of (Name of place).

Today we've gathered together
To have a good time and a chat
To speak of the people we've met on the job
To discuss this and, of course, that.
We're dressed in our very best tonight
And our spirits they're very high
No counting out change for us tonight
Or gazing way up at the sky
As we sit in the traffic it seems for hours
Muttering just what we think of the powers
Who allow this bedlam day after day
But tonight, "Forget it" is what I say
We're gathered together so let's have fun
And leave, till tomorrow, those guys on the run.

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Scrabble Association Annual Dinner Speech and Poem


This speech and poem is ideal for a Chairman/President or officer of a Scrabble Association who is giving an after dinner speech at their annual function.


Writing a speech is difficult enough but writing one filled with words that would gets me double points is much more difficult. Tonight, though, I am taking a break from scrabble and letting my words come from my heart.

If anyone had told me that joining a scrabble club could be so entertaining and so mind- boggling I would have laughed at them. If anyone had told me I would make so many new friends I would have been sceptical. My idea would have been that it was a club for those with nothing better to do. Yet I was persuaded to join and, yes, scrabble did bring me those benefits and I am very glad I joined the club.

It's hard to believe that yet another year has passed. Each one of us has had our sorrows and our joys during the year. Each one of us has had our failures and our achievements in that same time. We are all, in some way, a little different than we were this time last year.

Certainly if we dined in the style we are dining tonight we would all be slightly plumper. (If applicable) I would like to say that our social committee has done absolute wonders in organising this night. They have ensured that we have the right ambiance which is very important and they have even ensured that we are all in party spirits. So thank you folks, you've made it a night to remember.

Scrabble stretches the mind. When I hear a new word now I immediately wonder whether I can use it at my next game. So I have to look it up. When I see words my opponent uses I have to check on them too. The logic of this is that this speech should be absolutely dazzling and erudite but that is only the theory.

It's fascinating to think that scrabble is played all over the world and to very different standards. Yet isn't it nice to know that ordinary people everywhere can get such fun out of a simple game? Most players will never enter competitions. All they will do is enjoy the game at home. Those who do enter the competitions have the ability to use words we probably never even heard of. Even more importantly they can think ahead.

At this moment I am thinking ahead to next year's dinner and hoping it will be as enjoyable as this one. Until then let us raise our glasses in a toast to Scrabble the game that teases and tantalises us. Now how many points would I get for that? Scrabble!

It's a game played all over the world
From Dublin to maybe Dubai
In Dallas and Washington they play it too
And if you are wondering why.
It's a game that sort of creeps up on you
And soon you can not leave it be
Find yourself muttering "Will I use A
Or should I use up that C?"
Tonight we are gathered, a scrabble club
We're not over zealous but here is the rub
We can't see a word without wondering if
We could use it next time and in a jif
We memorize it, in fact we record
It in our notebooks for use on our board
So folks lift your glasses in a seasonal toast
To the game called scrabble that we love the most.

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