60th Birthday speeches

60th Birthday Speeches are wonderful gestures to the celebrant. With wisdom and humor comes a real understanding of life's tendency of not doing what it is supposed to. At 60, hopefully, we can laugh at ourselves a little. We have become richer with the benefit of knowledge and understanding. It may only be now that our true vocation is being found, or we may be closing down one career and looking forward to another.

With friends amassed and family gathered now it is time for you to step up and really honor your celebrant with one of our 60th birthday speeches that will never be forgotten. By now we realize that the friends we have around us are, in fact, some of our most wonderful treasures.

David M., from New York (USA) said, "I had a 60th Birthday party for my wife recently and was scared to death about having to speak in front of all my friends/family. The speeches that I purchased made it really easy to convey my true feelings without getting flustered. It was great."

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