Award ceremony speech for years of service


Are you speaking at an award ceremony for those who have given years of service to the company?

If so what should you say?

1. Make it personal. Mention them by name and refer to their particular division or section. If one person is being given a presentation, it makes it even easier.

2. Speak of their contribution to the company over the years of their service.

3. Mention company incidents such as an expansion, a fire or a huge order.

4. Make it topical by linking the time they have served with some world event.

5. Speak of their foibles, always having four spoons of sugar in their coffee or always being first to arrive in the morning.

6. Talk about loyalty to the company in an age where most move on.

7. Speak of what they mean to their colleagues by their kindness or helpfulness.

8. Try to mention their families in some way.

9. If applicable, speak of how their sense of humour brightens the working day.

10. Make a wish for or a toast to their future years with the company.

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