Rain doesn't stop play in golf as it does in cricket


Rain doesn’t stop play in golf the way it does in cricket. The organisors of the main events move to follow the sun of course. Yet whatever the weather there are games in every local club all during the year. That means there are functions such as Captains dinners and Captain’s prizes not to mention games sponsored by companies and individuals. That also means there are trophies to be presented and speeches to be made. Obviously you don’t have to be a good speaker to be a good golfer but often what you say reflects both on you and your club.

So a good speech will make an impression both on visiting golfers and on your own club-mates. Such a speech should, of course, welcome guests. It should be gracious in tone mentioning the excellent golf and the wonderful facilities at the club. If should contain references to the whole season if appropriate and comment on the committee. It should include an optimistic view of the future. Above all it should speak of what the game of golf means to players hail, rain or shine.

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