Best Bar Mitzvah Speeches


Duncan's Bar Mitzvah Speech

This well-delivered speech achieved international acclaim. The speaker used his bar mitzvah speeches to take a stand on a topic of great personal importance. A touching and inspirational delivery on a current and difficult subject.

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Michael's Bar Mitzvah Speech

A very traditional bar mitzvah speech in its subject matter, but also very personal. The speaker uses religious stories to demonstrate how he will use his newly-realized religion to shape his future.

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Josh's Bar Mitzvah Speech

A humourous and honest speech. It takes tremendous courage for a young man to stand in front of his friends and family during an important religious ceremony and confess his doubts.

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Daniel's Bar Mitzvah Speech

The speaker is confident and snarky, and has great stage presence and comedic timing.

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Honourable Mention: Nathan's Bar Mitzvah Speech

Bonus video! A young man rocks out with his family and friends on his big day.

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