A 40th birthday speeches marks the big 4 0 in somebody's life


A 40th birthday speech marks the big 4 0 in somebody’s life. Why we choose to celebrate that birthday particularly is open to question. Perhaps it is because we have survived our thirties and established our careers that 40 is a new starting point in our lives. Certainly if we check the card section in stores we will find that 40th cards emphasise the fact that by then people are confident enough about their lives and can laugh at themselves. A 40th birthday speech should emphasise that. It should say to the celebrant you have lived long enough to have achieved much and that you expect to achieve much more. Such a speech should be light-hearted as befits the party spirit. It should be optimistic and personal.

General birthday speeches are really a “NO NO”. This is a special birthday and your speech should show you have done your homework. Mention someone that shares the birthday. Talk about what happened on the day the party person was born. Talk about his or her career, home life and hobbies. In other words make it a celebration of the fact that they have been forty very good years and the best is yet to come.

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