60th Birthday Speech by husband


Ladies and gentlemen or family and friends

Sixty has a nice round sound to it, doesn't it'? When you hear the word you think of experience and knowledge and wisdom and of course Mary.

Today she is celebrating her sixtieth birthday and she has proven her wisdom by having a birthday party.

Such parties, you see, liven up your life. They are the highlights of a busy year or at least they should be. After all no matter how many celebrations or functions you attend your birthday party is uniquely your own. It is a celebration of your birth, in Mary's case, as the storybooks say, long, long ago!

During those sixty years soldiers have marched, scientists have discovered, doctors have healed and the rest of us go on with our lives in our own particular ways. Mary too lived her own life in the way best suited to her and I have been honoured to share it with her I think you will...

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