A 70th birthday is a time to look forward to less work and more play.


A 70th birthday is a time to look forward to less work and more play. After all most people are retired by then and have the free time to spend on hobbies. In today’s age too seventy is still young enough to be able to enjoy such interests.

So a 70th birthday speeches or toast should reflect these facts. It should emphasize the fact that the birthday boy or girl has plenty to give and lots of time to give it. It may be to get involved in a charity or to join a snooker club. It could be to travel to places unknown or to write a detective book. He or she could become a motivational speaker or learn to do the cha cha. So that birthday toast should be one that stimulates the imagination and challenges the celebrant in some way.

Of course it may be that what he or she chooses to do will be based on past experiences. An ex -tennis player for instance might decide to fundraise for a local club. An administrator might use his or her skills to help in the parish. Naturally too at seventy the celebrant will usually have lots of family and friends at his or her birthday celebration. So it will be good too to mention how popular that celebrant is and give the reasons.

Finish your speech with a toast that says the best is yet to be.

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