Have a birthday bash


It doesn’t matter whether a person is 21 or 70, a birthday should be celebrated. After all it says that the celebrant has survived another year and in today’s uncertain world that is something worth celebrating. It doesn’t have to be held in the Ritz. Gilt edged invitations aren’t necessary. A birthday bash should suit the celebrant and his or her lifestyle.

So it might be a barbeque in the yard or a picnic on the beach. Whatever form it takes, a birthday toast is important. It should say who and what is being celebrated. It should emphasis the life experience of the birthday boy or girl.

At a 21st for instance the toast should talk about reaching maturity and all that can be achieved by that person in the years to come. A 40th birthday party is saying “You have come this far and done lots with your life and your career”, while an 80th would reflect on a whole lifetime of happenings and the enjoyment of the moment.

Whatever the birthday though those gathered are there to say “You are special in our lives in a particular way.”  It should make the celebrant feel appreciated and loved. We all need that sometime and what better time to feel it than on the special day of the year that is your birthday?

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