It’s your own birthday so why not give a speech?


It’s your own birthday so why not give a speech? Usually at birthday parties someone will raise a toast to the celebrant. Quite often the birthday boy or girl will simply say “Thanks.” Why not, though, use it as an opportunity to say a little more?

You might mention that someone went to a lot of trouble to organise the party. You could say that whoever baked the cake did a wonderful job. More importantly though you could speak of your past and what those present meant in that past.

You could say that you are lucky to have a marvellous family and very special friends. You might mention some incident when those present were supportive to you and say how much you appreciate it. It could have been when you were out of work and they helped you find a job. It might have been when you were ill and they visited you in hospital.

Whatever they mean to you tell them. It’s time to talk of the future too. So speak of new beginnings and what you hope to do. All in all your own birthday speeches should mark a special occasion.

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