Birthday speeches - Everyone likes to be praised


We all enjoy being praised and a birthday party is the ideal time to praise the birthday boy or girl. So give some thought to what you can say in that birthday toast.   What can you say that will make it a memory to cherish?  Everyone has good points but they are not always known to all the guests at such a party. So instead of saying something general such as John is very kind, give examples of his kindness. Mention the fact that he drove you everywhere when you had a broken leg.

Tell people that he mows the lawn every week for someone who cannot do it himself. Explain how he uses his handyman skills to help out in the parish hall. Such a toast should be light-hearted of course because nobody goes to a party to hear a solemn discourse.  So you could add that you have asked all the guests to bring their job lists to keep him occupied until his next party.

You might also mention his characteristics such as his generosity or how welcoming he always is.  You could mention his foibles too such as all the golf balls he loses or his inability to sing in tune despite his best efforts. So balance the praise with a little fun because all the nicest people have a sense of humour. Above all make your toast meaningful and sincere. A birthday speech should bring the birthday boy or girl to life in wonderful 3D.

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