Birthday speeches should praise the celebrant


Birthday speeches should praise the celebrant. After all we all love to be praised. So a birthday party gives you the ideal opportunity to give words of praise. Even better it gives you the chance to say nice things about the birthday boy or girl publicly. After all family and friends will also enjoy seeing somebody get their due. So you might consult them privately before you write that speech. They may give you very good reasons why someone should be lauded. That doesn’t mean you have to be fulsome of course.

The reasons you give for saying someone is special should be real reasons. If somebody saves their money all they time you cannot say they are generous to a fault. Most people, though, have their good points and it pays to find out what they are and to describe them in your toast. In later life we always remember someone who has said something nice about us. So we should do our best to give that birthday boy or girl a reason to remember what we said about them. Try not to be too obvious though. Words like kind can be overused when praising someone. It would be much better to say that they are great listeners when you have a problem or that they have never been known to criticise others.

Now that’s high praise indeed!

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