Doesn't your father-in-law deserve to be toasted on his birthday?


Doesn’t your father-in-law deserve to be toasted on his birthday? After all most of us would be happy to give a birthday speech about our own fathers. That’s understandable because we owe them a lot and we love them. Nonetheless toasting your father-in-law on his birthday is a nice gesture too. That’s not to say that his own son or daughter will not say a few words of appreciation on the day. Yet while he may expect that he probably won’t expect his son or daughter-in-law to give a toast as well.

Your speech will be slightly different too because you are speaking as someone who is not a member of his natural family. Instead you have married into it. So your relationship will be different and you can view him from a different angle. You might speak of the welcome he gave you into his clan. You might mention some kindness he has done for you. You could mention what a great grandfather he is. Whatever your toast let it be heartfelt and appropriate to someone who might be like a second father to you. He will appreciate it and so will your spouse!

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