Every birthday is different


Every birthday is different. The same should apply to birthday speeches or toasts. After all what you would say to someone having a 90th birthday party should be different to what is said in a coming of age speech. An older person will, for instance, remember the world war and might even have fought in it.  By mentioning it in a speech you will be mentioning one of the things that was important in his or her life. The elderly celebrant will remember too pressure for changes in employment legislation that a younger people would take for granted.  A speech for a younger person should focus more on the future and the opportunities available to him or her.

Speeches for any birthday, though, should have some things in common too. One of these is how important the celebrant is to those gathered at the party. His or her good points should be mentioned whether it is that they are kind or generous or always cheerful. You should talk about how important they are to those present and what they have meant in the lives of family and friends. Good wishes should be expressed and, if possible, you should end with a very personal toast. Whether the celebrant is having a 90th birthday, a 50th birthday or a 21st birthday he or she will be delighted to be told how special he or she is. In fact if your birthday speech is a good one they will treasure what you say and remember it for a long, long time.

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