Everyone deserves a birthday speech or toast


Everyone deserves a birthday speeches or toast. Whether it is your mother, your father, husband or wife each one is special in some way and deserves to be lauded. Whether your best friend is fifty or your brother-in-law is eighty each one will be delighted if you compliment them in some way.

A birthday party is a social occasion so your speech should be light-hearted yet sincere. So mention shared experiences and funny incidents. Say how much they mean to you and why. Talk of their lifestyle, their hobbies and interests. In other words make your speech very personal.

Try to surprise the guests by telling them something they don’t know about the birthday boy or girl. He or she may, for instance, spend two nights every week helping in a boys club or teaching a child with dyslexia. Tell them how much they have enriched your life by being a part of it.

Birthdays only come around once a year. Most of us have problems and sorrows during the year. A birthday party is a night to forget those sorrows and to look forward to the future with confidence. So help the celebrant do just that by giving them words of praise and encouragement for all that they are and all that they mean to others. The candles may be blown out, the cake eaten but loving words will be remembered.

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