We never know how many birthdays anyone will have


We never know how many birthdays anyone will have so birthday speeches should make the most of the moment. After all we may not have another chance to give a birthday toast to someone who is dear to us. Such birthday speeches or toasts are usually given at a party. So obviously they should be light-hearted but still sincere. It’s an opportunity to tell those present how important the birthday boy or girl is in your life and in theirs.

If you can describe an incident that demonstrates their generosity or kindness so much the better. You might talk of their many visits to you when you were ill or how they helped you plant your roses. You could talk of their weekly telephone calls or how they shared their holiday home with your family.

Let everyone know that the celebrant is a special person and just why. You can speak of their life, their work and their personality. Did he or she win a medal for bravery? Is he or she a wonderful dancer? Does he or she write beautiful poetry. Everyone has special talents and skills. He or she may be a very good listener when someone has a problem or gives a glowing reference to those looking for work. So let the partygoers know just why you think the birthday celebrant should be praised.

It really adds to the speech if you can tell of a funny incident you both shared. Finally, speak of the future and express the hope that you will be celebrating with them next year and for many years to come.

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