Why do we place so much emphasis on a 50th Birthday?


Why do we place so much emphasis on a 50th birthday? Whatever the reason people celebrate it much more than other birthday. Maybe it is because it is a time when we are mature enough not to take ourselves too seriously, yet realise we have a lot for which to be grateful. In other words we are marking a special time in our lives. So it is appropriate that a birthday toast reflects these facts. It should say it’s good to celebrate. It should mention personal incidents in that lifetime as well as topical matters over the years. It should tell the birthday boy or girl how much he or she is loved and valued by those present at the celebration. The birthday speeches should be long enough to say it all but short enough not to bore those present. Your toast should, if at all possible, reflect the celebrant’s passion in life. So if he is a footballer base your toast on that fact. If she is singer talk about that and what it means both to her and to others having the pleasure of listening to her. A 50th birthday is a time when we should have achieved much but still have the time and the opportunity to do much more. So make that 50th birthday toast uplifting, challenging and memorable.

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