Queen Elizabeth has celebrated her 90th birthday with innumerable events and speeches


Queen Elizabeth has celebrated her 90th birthday with innumerable events and speeches. Yet she herself doesn’t seem to have responded to the good wishes with a speech of her own. In fact, most birthday celebrants acknowledge such good wishes with a mumbled “Thank you.” How much nicer it would be if the birthday boy or girl had given a short speech in response to such a birthday toast.

Obviously the more special the birthday the more reason to say a few words. So if you are having a birthday party or gathering why not tell your friends and family how much it means to you that they have gathered for the occasion. Thank them for their gifts certainly but thank them much more for what they mean to you in your life.

A birthday party is a time for celebration so while heartfelt such a speech should not be dull or too serious. Mention your age and what it means to you to have reached it. Speak of cakes and calories in a light-hearted fashion. Talk of the aches and pains of old age but leaven it with a mention of your great wisdom garnered over the years!

If you are young speak of the exciting life you hope lies ahead. Acknowledge a wonderful mum or a friend who has stood by you in your trials and tribulations. You may be the birthday boy or girl and obviously your guest s are important to you but take the opportunity to tell them they are important to you too.

None of us know how many birthdays we will see so make sure you enjoy every one and never leave words of appreciation unsaid.

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