Burns night should be celebrated in speech


Burns night should be celebrated in speech. After all the Bard was the expert with words. His poems, writings and songs were lyrical expressions of the life he led. So those attending a Burns night celebration should try to do him justice with their words.

Whether you are giving a toast to the immortal memory of Burns, a toast to the lassies, the Chair or the Entertainers doesn’t really matter. The challenge is to use words that the Bard would enjoy. Certainly you would need to use words that the guests too would enjoy. Obviously you would need to study his works and use them as a basis for your own efforts. If you can write poetry too so much the better.

Burns was an inspiration to many and his special night is a night that is dear to all Scots and those who love Scotland as he did. It’s also a social occasion and a good speaker will recognise the fact and his words will go down well with an audience who have possibly enjoyed a few drams.

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