Giving a toast to the ladies can be challenging


Giving a toast to the ladies can be challenging. After all they have been done a thousand times before. Yet every year at balls and functions someone gets this unenviable task. You want to make your toast unique.
So how do you make it light-hearted enough for a social occasion yet also meaningful and sincere?

Your speech should be flattering of course saying how beautiful they are. You can compare them to something lovely in the natural world for instance. It goes without saying that you can also mention the effect they have on the men in their lives. Obviously they improve their menfolk in a dozen different ways. You should mention how dazzlingly they are dressed for the particular occasion in question. You might use the words of a song or a sonnet on which to base your toast.

Whatever you say you should say it with conviction. You can mention famous historical female figures and say what effect they had on our world and compare them to the ladies present who too make a difference. If you give such a toast you will certainly gain lots of brownie points from all of the ladies present.

In fact you will be their man of the moment!

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