Ladies’ Night is a very special night in the social calendar


Ladies’ Night is a very special night in the social calendar. The toast to the ladies should be special too. In fact a good toast should be the highlight of the evening. So how do you write such a speech? Well it has to be meaningful for the occasion. That means that you think of all the things women do and achieve and you mention such facts.

Some women are entrepreneurs, some professionals while others are homemakers and your speech should include mention of such varied occupations. You should speak of how much they add to any social occasion by wearing their glamorous best. You might mention their ability to multi-task. In other word if you are a man speaking on such a night your toast should be filled with admiration for all the wonderful things women do so seemingly effortlessly.

If you are a woman speaking you can afford to make some wry comments about the men in the life of the ladies. Obviously everything the speaker says must be in good taste but with a slight touch of humour. Ladies’ night is a night for fun and laughter. The toast should say “Women are marvellous and men are lucky to have them in their lives.”

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