Robbie Burns would have no problem in responding to the toast to the lassies


Robbie Burns would have no problem in responding to the toast to the lassies. He was, after all, a ladies man and his songs prove that as far as they were concerned he had words at will. It’s not so easy for anyone else. Naturally good speakers are few and far between.

Most of us who have to give a speech have to work hard at getting it right. On a night where there may be some an excellent speaker giving the toast to the bard you certainly want to ensure your speech is equally good. It has to be light-hearted of course.

It cannot be long because it’s a social occasion. Yet it has to recognise that the toast to the lassies was sincerely meant. So you should speak about how flattered the lassies feel and how the toast to them lifted their spirits. You should speak about the fact that there is magic between male and female.

Your speech can be a little tongue in cheek a you recognise that on this particular night that magic is acknowledged and enjoyed. So when you are responding to the the toast to the lassies ensure that the laddies too are praised for the fun and laughter they have brought to the occasion.

You might end by saying that on such a light-hearted night absolutely anything can happen.

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