Have you been elected Chairperson or President of a club or association?


Have you been elected Chairperson or President of a club or association? If so your inaugural speech will set the tone for your time in office. Obviously it should be gracious and thank those who have served before you whether or not you have agreed with their methods.  It is worth remembering that few people take on such a role intending to fail. Sometimes circumstances just get the better of them or personal problems interfere with what they can achieve. Nonetheless you should set out your own agenda for your term of office, speaking of the challenges that lie ahead and of your own ambitions. Make it realistic because there is no point in promising the earth if you cannot deliver. If you do you will have disillusioned members on your committee. Set specific targets instead and give a time frame for their delivery. Be encouraging because you need your committee to be behind you in what you are attempting to do. Don’t be afraid to ask for help mentioning specific talents that will be needed. Speak of your organisation or club and give a vision for its future. Your speech should motivate and inspire so that that vision can be realised. It’s all about leadership and that is up to you!

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