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Steve Jobs Commencement Speech – Stanford 2005

Speech focused on perusing what you enjoy doing, living every day like it was your last. Jobs shares two experiences of failure and success from failure. At the end he shares what inspired him to always reach for more, to always stay hungry, stay foolish.

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Sheryl Sandberg Commencement Speech - Barnard College 2011

Sheryl spoke at a college for women so the speech is focused on empowering women. This speech does a great job of empowering women. She uses personal experiences and examples to urge young women to believe in themselves and excel.

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Neil Gaiman Commencement Speech – University of the Arts 2012

Very well spoken inspirational speech about doing what you want with your life. Enjoy what you do, work hard, pursue your passion; if you enjoy your work you will never be disappointed in it.

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JK Rowling Commencement Speech – Harvard 2008

A great speech about the importance of failure and imagination. Stories from her personal life, how she rose from failure and used imagination to achieve success and happiness in life.

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Wellesley High School Graduation – 2012

You are not special. This speech chooses to focus on how none of us are special until we prove that we are exceptional. Instead of focusing on failure like so many other speeches, this speakers chooses to enforce perusing personal achievement. Be worthy of your achievements, work hard to be rewarded; do not expect to be rewarded because you worked hard.

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