Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton aren’t the only ones to give speeches


Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton aren’t the only ones to give speeches. Every day in a hundred different ways candidates have to give speeches saying how well they would do a particular job. They may be running for Mayor or for a school superintendent. It might be student running for the college council.

Whatever the position it is up to the candidate to sell himself well. He should never take the electorate for granted. They are often much more intelligent than they are given credit for. He should be truthful about what he intends to achieve. There is no point in a political candidate saying he will discover life on Mars or find a cure for cancer. What he can say is that he will push for funds for these two projects.

A candidate should speak about his ambitions and lay out his plan for achieving them. He should be able to say that at the next election something concrete will have been achieved. He should be realistic too. A college candidate should not say that student pass rates in examinations will soar. What he can say is that he will use his influence to push for extra classes or better tutors to help students to help themselves.

Election speeches should not be long. They should focus on the possible, tell people what can actually be done. So don’t give empty promises just positive proposals. That way you may even find yourself re-elected!

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