The death of a loved one at Christmas calls for a special eulogy


The death of a loved one at Christmas calls for a special eulogy. After all it is especially poignant to suffer loss at that time of the year. Such a eulogy should not be too long but it should conjure up a picture of the deceased and what he or she meant in the life of others. It should awaken memories of times shared by giving some examples of those times. It may seem peculiar but some humour really adds to the eulogy because, after all, all the nicest people have a sense of humour.

So honour that family member or friend by recalling the past and by speaking of a future when he or she will be in your thoughts. If the deceased had religious beliefs mention them and how they believed in the afterlife. If not speak of the peace that, hopefully, they now enjoy.

Christmas is time of peace. Try to give peace to the hearts of those who are suffering loss by showing that their loved one has left a legacy of love, the real message of the Christmas season.

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