A good eulogy should bring the deceased to life


A good eulogy should bring the deceased to life. It should evoke memories of times past and talk of the continuing influence the deceased has on loved ones. It should summarise the main points of that person’s life but also mention little incidents that might not be well known. A touch of humour really adds to eulogies because it is good to remember shared laughter and happy events.

You can bring a person alive in your eulogy if you speak from the heart, talking of the life you shared. It’s good to talk to others before you speak because everyone sees others differently. They may be able to tell you something you never guessed about the deceased.

A funeral is a sad occasion of course but it can also be a positive one if you speak of how much of the deceased lives on in family members left behind. Not everyone has religious beliefs but if the deceased had it should be mentioned because it can give great consolation to the bereaved. So speak of the deceased as a family member, a neighbour a colleague or a friend and tell of the many parts he played during his or her lifetime.

There is always a gap left behind when someone dies but you can help fill that gap by giving a eulogy that gives consolation that a life has been well lived and that the deceased will live on in hearts and memories.

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