Make it a fond farewell by giving a loving eulogy


It’s very hard to describe somebody properly in a few words. Yet that is the challenge facing anyone who is giving a eulogy.

Usually the speaker is a family member or friend, although in some instances such as at military funerals, it may be a commanding officer. The whole purpose of such a eulogy is to ensure that the deceased is remembered for his/her contribution to the lives of those who knew him/ her. So such a eulogy should be a summing up of the character, personality and doings of the deceased.

A eulogy should paint a picture of how he or she related to others. Content is far more important than length. So you don’t have to mention the twenty homes he or she had. Say she/he had the travel bug instead. Speak about his/her impact on colleagues friends and neighbours. Tell a funny story because tears and laughter are part of life. Give a snippet of information that many might not have known, such as the fact that the deceased wrote poetry under a pseudonym or did mud wrestling.

So, whatever you say, make sure your audience leaves knowing just what a special person they have lost.

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