There have been many heartbroken eulogies in Nice and Dallas lately


There have been many heartbroken eulogies in Nice and Dallas lately. There is something particularly tragic about eulogies for innocent civilians murdered or police officers killed in the line of duty.

Yet surely everyone who dies deserves a eulogy? Surely anyone who has lived and died deserves to be remembered if their lives meant anything at all? It doesn’t matter whether it is a mother who has cared devotedly for her children or a child who has only lived a short life each one deserves that their life be recognised with a fitting eulogy.

Naturally it is difficult to fit fifty or ninety years of living into a few minutes. It should be remembered though that a eulogy is not a history lesson. It is not a time to talk about every single aspect of that person’s life. Instead it is about acknowledging what the deceased has meant in the lives of others. A eulogy then is about love, about bringing the deceased to life again in the hearts and minds of those at the funeral. It is about expressing what sort of personalities they had.

A touch of humour will add greatly to the eulogy because it is good to help people to laugh through their tears. So share an incident that has amused you or talk about something the deceased has done for you or for others. Mention his or her kindness or generosity. Talk about a shared hobby or a weekly get together.  Say how much he or she has enriched the lives of others.

Every eulogy is poignant.  It is really just a time to say “Thanks for the memories”.

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