Writing a fitting eulogy for a mother should be simple


Writing a fitting eulogy for a mother should be simple. Often, however, it is difficult if not impossible. You should know her well enough but because you are grieving so much you find it hard to put your thoughts into words. The first thing you should remember is that your eulogy should be short. That is often because there are other funerals after yours. Being short makes it difficult to describe her whole lifetime of loving and caring. So instead of giving a history of her childhood and growing years make it a very short potted history indeed.

Talk of your childhood and how she read that bedtime stories or made costumes for the school play. Then speak of her virtues and how she was so well loved because of them. Speak of her foibles because every eulogy benefits from a little humour. Mention characteristics that those present would recognise. Speak too of hobbies others might not know about.

Perhaps she was known in the neighbourhood to be a wonderful gardener. Maybe though only her family knew she was a demon at poker. Mention how pleased she would have been to see so many friends and relatives and her funeral and ask others to share their memories with you. Sum up your eulogy by mentioning Heaven if she had religious beliefs or her state of peace if she didn’t.

Above all say that she might be gone but she would always be in your heart and in your memory.

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