Farewell speeches should be positive and evocative


Farewell speeches should be positive and evocative. Whether you are saying farewell to a colleague who is retiring, a neighbour who is moving or soldiers going on a tour of duty doesn’t matter. It is what you say that they will remember. So it is up to you to ensure you know their good points and mention them in the speech. That colleague might, for instance, have been helpful and welcoming to newcomers to the company. The soldiers might have distinguished themselves by winning awards for bravery. That neighbour might have taken care of your dog while you were on holidays.

Starting a new phrase in life can be exciting but it can also be nerve wracking. Most of us fear the unknown. So your speech should be one that paints a positive picture of the future. The neighbour will find a lovely new home or great new job. The colleague will find in retirement the time to devote to his or her hobbies or to develop a new career. The soldiers will do a worthwhile job learning about a new country and a new people. Your farewell speech should make them feel valued and let them know they have lots to enjoy and experience in the future. When they leave they should leave on a high simply because you have told them how special they are.

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