Nurses don’t get the recognition they deserve


Nurses are the unsung heroes and heroines of society. Over a lifetime of service they help patients to heal in a hundred different ways. They listen to confidences in the dark of the night. They are there to handle that new-born baby with care and to ease the suffering of someone who is dying.

Isn’t it fitting then that when a nurse retires he or she should be recognised for the wonderful person he or she is? When they are leaving a lifetime of service behind shouldn’t someone make them feel proud of what they have achieved in their working life?

A farewell or retirement speeches should emphasise all the different qualities he or she has and speak of the way he or she has used their talents to ease suffering. So don’t just utter platitudes do your homework. Find out what you can about that nurse’s career. Ask patients about them if you can. Speak to the Matron or to fellow nurses. Then when a nurse is leaving you will really be able to send him or her on the way knowing that he or she is indeed leaving with a job well done.

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