Charities always need funds


Charities always need funds. That means that what you say can make a huge difference. If you are giving a speech at a charity dinner or function you have to touch hearts and empty wallets. Giving an example of what money can achieve is critical. Someone may be prepared to spend 25 dollars but if you show them the difference an extra twenty five would make you may actually persuade them to give it.

Persuasion is the key to fund raising and actually showing what can be done with the different amounts of money is one way of persuading donors. Tell them that you can feed a child for thirty dollars a month but if all present give fifty dollars the charity can buy in bulk and feed the whole family for six months. Be understanding too because there are lots of charities and kind hearted people like to help as many as possible. So try to make your charity stand out as being different. If you can show a film of actual houses being built and the joy of the homeless at being housed so much the better.

Make donors feel good about what they are doing. Explain what a difference they can make in someone’s life. Tell them that the new hospital wing they are helping to build will save patients years of suffering. Involve them by making them feel a part of the project. If you do they will continue to support future appeals and that’s what you really need. Charity is not a one stop shop.

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