A graduate’s speech will probably express relief


Graduation day is a day when a graduate or valedictorian will speak on behalf of his or her fellow students. Obviously they will have all felt that this day was a long time coming. Equally obviously they will be delighted as well as relieved that the long haul is over. So such speeches will reflect the fact that they feel they can throw away the books and concentrate on the future, whatever that may be.

Depending on the subjects studied graduates will have something to say about their chosen career paths and different opportunities available. They will also speak of the friendship they have made over the years and the late nights they have endured and perhaps, the amount of coffee they have consumed during those late nights. There is no doubt but that most of them will speak in a light-hearted way about the fact that they are now ready and willing to be a part of the changing world. The speech should be about what they, as a group, can achieve. A graduate’s speech should, therefore, be positive and inspiring.

If the speaker is speaking as an alumnus he can speak of what the college has meant to him and perhaps give an explanation of how he has succeeded thanks to his wonderful education at the college. Graduation day is the beginning of a new life and a good speaker will ensure that his speech will include an idea or a message that will resonate with his fellow graduates, something they will remember all their days.

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