Graduation Day is a bit like being in a space shuttle waiting for blast off


Graduation Day is a bit like being in a space shuttle waiting for blast off. Graduation speeches to the graduates should therefore, focus on an exciting future. They should speak of the wonderful world graduates are entering and offer options about what they can hope to do in that future.

Of course a graduation speech cannot ignore the past. It must refer to the hard work that led to the graduation. It should speak of the friendships formed by students and the help and support graduates were given by tutors and parents. A graduation speech should make the graduates think. It should speak of options outside their given field. It should speak to them as citizens and suggest what they can offer society.

Many speakers at graduation ceremonies are famous or have accomplished something special in their lives. They should speak about their own lives and how they have reached their current situation, giving examples of just how they managed. Whether or not the speaker is famous he should speak about opportunities and challenges ahead.

Such a speech should have light-hearted moments because everyone like to laugh. Don’t make it too long either as graduates will be keen to celebrate.

A good speaker will, in a graduation speech, tell the graduates how they can, and should, reach for the stars.

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