A graduation speech to graduates should make an impression


graduationA graduation speech to graduates should make an impression.  It should be interesting, entertaining and thought provoking. Too often though what is said has been said a thousand times before. After all if you are the Dean of a college or a Head teacher in a school you may have to give graduations speeches every year. It is tempting to use the same speech to the students who graduate on different occasions.  They deserve better. They deserve a speech geared especially to them and to their qualification.

Times change and your speech should allow for that fact and mention current affairs and opportunities.  Obviously a little humour will enhance the speech too. Students will have different aspirations.  So your speech should appeal both to those who will travel and to the home birds.  Some cannot wait to leave formal education but you should stress that education can be had outside the confines of a school or university. So encourage them to ask questions, consult others and to continue to have an open mind. Suggest that there are opportunities for them to develop and learn more in many different ways and in many different places. They are, of course, products of their backgrounds and they should be reminded of what they owe to parents and guardians.  You should suggest that, hopefully, they never forget their alma mater.  Above all though they will be celebrating and rightly so your speech might include some tongue-in-cheek suggestions for that celebration.

Your graduation speech should end with a positive and personal wish for their days in the sun.

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