A graduation speech to graduates should be as memorable as the day itself


A graduation speech to graduates should be as memorable as the day itself. It should be part of the kaleidoscope of events that make the day special. After all students have worked hard to graduate and they deserve that their hard work be acknowledged. More than that though they need to be challenged. Whether you are speaking as a teacher, the Dean or a guest speaker what you say should have lasting influence on their lives. They won’t of course, remember all you have said during your speech.

They should though be influenced by a saying, a sentence or an idea in that graduation speech. It should be something that resonates with them and years afterwards they should be able to quote it as being something that has guided them in their lives. Whether you challenge them to be themselves, to remain ethical in their business dealings or to always remember how privileged they are doesn’t really matter. It is how get the message across that really matters.

So give them a slogan or just one sentence that sums up your message if you can. Tell them to be environmentally friendly by saying “Bin that bottle” or to help others by telling them that it is in giving they will receive. Get your message across and they, and society, will thank you for it someday.

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