Look back with gratitude and forward with enthusiasm


A graduation speech by a graduate should look back with gratitude and forward with enthusiasm. The future may be a hidden book but many graduates feel they have already peeped in. So a graduation speech from a graduate should reflect that fact. It should be positive and look to the wonderful and exciting future that he envisages.

The graduate should speak to his fellow graduates as someone who has a past in common with them and a future that offers them all new possibilities and new opportunities. He should reflect on the years they have all spent studying together and on the occasions where they socialized instead of studying!  He should speak gratefully of the support received from family members and of course he should thank the tutors who have helped him graduate. It is polite too to mention the fact that the general staff ensured that the college or university ran on oiled wheels.

He should speak of his alma mater with pride and acknowledge the fact that he has been offered the chance to do something worthwhile with his life. His speech should also contain an inspiring message of some sort to his fellow graduates, linked to their particular course. Maybe it could be a challenge to do something worthwhile in the third world. Perhaps he might mention that they go into a field of research allied to their new knowledge.

Then no doubt he will finish his graduation speech with some mention of the celebrations going on long into the night!

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