Put succinctly a nursing graduation speech should say "Well done"


Anyone who has been in hospital knows most nurses are wonderful and that should be the theme of any nursing graduation speech.
Such a speech should complement them on the hard work they have done during training. It should speak of the opportunities available nowadays to do so many different kinds of nursing. Mention midwifery, high tech work in intensive care or working in the community. Whatever they choose to do in the future now is the time to tell them how much they are needed and appreciated. Speak honestly of the fact that nurses never become millionaires but that they enjoy more job satisfaction than most. Tell them of the opportunities for travel and how they can enjoy new experiences in different countries and still be equally appreciated for the work they do.

A nursing graduation speech can be a little tongue-in-cheek when you mention sore feet and the exhaustion that can come after a day on a busy ward. Speak of the camaraderie of nursing, especially during training or when they share accommodation in a nurses’ home. Graduation is a time to celebrate of course and they are celebrating years of study and hard work. So it is appropriate that you mention the fact that such celebrations are richly deserved. Whether they join the army or the navy or work in a third world clinic nurses are necessary to our well-being.

A nursing graduation speech should make them feel proud of themselves and the work they do. Put succinctly a nursing graduation speech should say “Well done.” Above all it should paint a picture of a future where they are a necessary and indeed vital part of our world.

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