The Chinese aren’t the only ones who love fireworks.


The Chinese aren’t the only ones who love fireworks. Independence Day is traditionally celebrated with fireworks displays all over the USA. That’s fitting because fireworks express jubilation and on Independence Day they are supposed to be expressing jubilation over gaining independence from Britain. Most people, though, would not be thinking about history as they “Ooh” and “Aah” over the fireworks display. After all both Britain and America are now firm allies. So they are merely in the holiday spirit and enjoying the colour and the occasion.

Fireworks can be very dangerous to use and hospital emergencies soar on occasions such as Independence and New Year’s Eve both times when firework displays are numerous. Properly used, however, they really brighten up the sky and the spirit of those watching them explode. We all need a change from our everyday lives and Independence Day gives us the chance to relax and simply enjoy ourselves. So make the most of the holiday, enjoy the celebrations and watch those fireworks flare and fizzle.

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