Christmas office party speech


Colleagues, ladies and gentlemen.

Nothing, it seems, will ever diminish our love and enthusiasm for Christmas. For all its hype and commercialism, most of us still enjoy the holiday season. There is something very special about this time of year.

Tonight our year together culminates in our very own Christmas office party. Maybe we think we deserve a break having put up with each other for such a long time. Perhaps we simply enjoy the prospect of enjoying ourselves together without the interruption of crisis meetings and telephones calls. It could be that we feel that we have worked hard and deserve to have a good time. I don't think anyone here will argue with that.

Christmas is about letting our hair down a little. It is about loosening our belts and forgetting our diets. What we do when we are together depends, of course, on the mood of the moment. Generally however, eating, drinking and being merry feature quite often. (If applicable) As we like to share our enjoyment with others it gives me great pleasure tonight to welcome our very special guests. We hope they too will enjoy the evening.

Now it may seem odd to spend your leisure time with your colleagues but the Christmas office party is a fundamental part of our culture. That's understandable when you consider we always celebrate good times with a party. Christmas is, after all, really a season of hope and goodwill - and that is a message that we all embrace.

As we gather across the floors/ departments/ sections, we are reminded that, like so many different nations and cultures, we have so very much in common. That is a hope and a belief in the fundamental goodness of things. It is a recognition that something very special happened to the world a few thousand years ago. That event, no matter how distant, brought us hope and glad tidings indeed.

Whatever we do to Christmas in terms of commercialism, we will never lose its fundamental message of peace and goodwill. That's what makes us toast the festive season. We know, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that that peace and goodwill is not at the end of a bottle. It is in the atmosphere, the caring and the sharing. Basically, Christmas helps us to think of others.

Speaking of others let us give thanks for those who have worked so hard to ensure that we can all enjoy ourselves tonight. They have seen to it that this year's party is as enjoyable as those of years gone by. In fact I think it only fair to say that if we had an award ceremony for office parties our organisers would have won first prize.

I would also like to say how much we appreciate your hard work during the past year. Without such work one of our reasons for celebrating tonight would be missing. Let's put this on record we are celebrating. We are celebrating our company and its success. We are celebrating the enthusiasm and the interest you show in that work. We are celebrating the fact that the different members of the staff fuse together to make a wonderfully efficient working machine. We are celebrating you and what you mean to (Name of company)

So tonight then is a night for glamour and glitz and for unsuspected talent to emerge. It's a night for fun and chat and much more than that.

Colleagues and friends, please join me in a toast to that time of the year when we hope for a better world. Here's to Christmas!

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