Christmas is a time for glitter and shine and speeches


Christmas is a time for glitter and shine and speeches. Whether you are the C.E.O. of a multi-million company or the manager of a small business you will probably have a staff party. What should you say to the staff on such an occasion? It is worth remembering that it is a social occasion so the speech should be light-hearted and short. Perhaps you might talk about your own childhood experiences of Christmas and the gifts Santa brought. Staff could then have fun reminiscing about their own favourite gifts over the years. Speak about what the season means, its traditions and how it brings out the best in people. You could say it is the season to meet old friends and have family get-togethers. Talk about bright lights cheering up the darkness of winter. Talk about the Christmas turkey or goose and maybe of the hard work of preparing such a feast. Of course if you are in Australia your Christmas speech will be different talking of barbeques on the beach and everyone in a festive spirit. Talking of party spirit say how lovely it is to see everyone enjoying themselves and how good it is to meet colleagues without the distractions of the working day. Compliment them on how wonderful they look in their party best. Of course thank your staff for their hard work during the year and, if appropriate, talk about some success you have enjoyed. Be optimistic about how the company will succeed in the future with their help. End your Christmas speech with a toast to the season and all it means to us.

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