Christmas weddings are special


Christmas weddings are special. Naturally all weddings are special but a Christmas wedding has a unique atmosphere about it. It has a special ambiance and your speech should reflect that fact. You might want to mention that Santa has brought the couple the gifts of love and fidelity. You could say that there is a warm glow in their hearts despite the weather outside. You might like to compare their new life together as being as fresh as the snow covered landscape. There are dozens of ways you can incorporate Christmas into your speech so do make sure you do. There are many reasons couples choose to get married at Christmas. They might have time off from work. More of their relatives may be able to attend during the holiday. Whatever the reason do refer to the season. In future years as they celebrate their anniversaries they should remember what you have said on their special day. Your wedding gift to them, and a gift for Christmases to come should be words that say a Christmas wedding is special.

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