Holiday Speeches


It's time that office staff starts preparing for the End of the year party. It is a time when venues are selected, dresses are bought and the C.E.O. starts writing his Holiday speech. It will soon be a time for winding down and being marry .

We all need a break sometime and the holiday season is based on the old pagan custom of having a break in the darkness of winter. With today's electricity that darkness is not as dark as it once was. In fact the C.E.O. will have plenty of light by which to write the holiday speeches. It should, of course, be motivational in tone, yet still place emphasis on the fact that it is the holiday season. It should express gratitude for the hard work done by the staff during the year. It should acknowledge the fact that their party is a recognition of that hard work.

Office parties, of course, are all different. In some companies they celebrate Christmas and their venue will be decorated with Christmas trees and fairy lights. The meal, if there is one, will probably be a traditional turkey and ham. Happy holiday functions are different, which means that the function can be a theme party with, for instance, Chinese or Mexican food. Instead of Christmas songs there might be a Sinatra or an Elvis night. Whatever about that some things are the same in both types of party.

One is that staff and management will mingle on that night. Another is that everyone will be in holiday mood and out to enjoy themselves. Obviously the glamour will be the same as will the types of stories being told, the jokes being shared. Whatever way it is celebrated a staff party is still a staff party.

If the C.E.O or the Manager is sensible the speech will be short, as befits a social occasion. It will mention successes obtained during the working year and perhaps some special people who are noteworthy for some reason. If the sales manager has had triplets for instance, a laughing comment on that would add to the speech. Otherwise it will stress the importance of the break and say that it is a time when staff can happily forget the computer or workbench and enjoy themselves with family and friends. His theme will be "This is your special night and we are delighted to see you in party spirits." His speech will of course end with a mention of the challenges of the new working year and a wish for a happy holiday.

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