This is the ideal time of the year to give a motivational speech to your staff


This is the ideal time of the year to give a motivational speech your staff. That is not to say that it should actually sound motivational. After all it is the holiday season and people are in holiday mode. So the message you are getting across should be hidden in a light-hearted speech about the season and what it means. We all love to be appreciated so give them that glow of satisfaction.  Praise your workers for their hard work during the year. Mention any particular achievement such as a huge sale or a big contract.  Work it in with something personal such as the fact that a staff member had triplets during the year and obviously your company will have to succeed even more to feed them all!  Just as the decorations and the lights change the atmosphere so too does what you say on the night.

You need to tell staff that like those decorations they are so glamorous that they are different people to their workaday selves.

What you say should make them feel included in the success of the company.  Explain, in a sentence or two, the challenges that face you all but be positive that they have the expertise and the professionalism to meet any such challenge. You might compare their outlook to the way they are determined to enjoy themselves at the office do.  So whether you are having a Christmas party, a holiday do or an annual dinner you have a captive audience. Make the most of it.

Your business is their business, your success is their success.  It doesn’t matter what kind of celebration you are having your speech should give them that warm and fuzzy feeling of belonging. So wish them the compliments of the season. Tell them to enjoy themselves and paint a picture of the coming year in which their talents and enthusiasm will ensure job satisfaction and a bright future. In other words gift wrap your motivational speech.

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