New Year's Eve


New year’s Eve is intrinsically linked to the Christmas season.  It’s a time when people toast the New Year and speak about its promise. While one holiday is mainly about tradition the second should be about the future. After all the New Year is a time when we make resolutions about that future. It’s a time when hope for good things to come. It’s a time when a speech should challenge those present to better things and to new beginnings. That is not to say that we should not pay tribute to the year that has gone but we should speak more about the one that is about to start.  It’s a night full of promise and our speech should reflect that fact. It ought to be optimistic in tone and suit the party spirit because New Year’s Eve is a night when people party. So make your speech short and snappy. Yet make it thought provoking too.  Perhaps you might suggest that those party guests could do one thing that could make that New Year happier for someone else.  You could suggest that they join an organisation to save the planet or one that works to feed the hungry of this world. You might suggest that they could learn to play the piano or to paint masterpieces. Convince them that they have hidden talents that, if developed, would make their lives more interesting and fulfilling. A good speech given on New Year’s Eve could be one that would change lives for the better.

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