Ten things NOT to do when giving a Christmas/Happy Holiday speech


1.       Don’t be longwinded. Christmas/Holiday time is not the time for long speeches.

2.       It’s a time to be merry but don’t drink alcohol before you speak.

3.       Don’t dress as Santa your audience won’t take you seriously.

4.       Don’t forget to get your seasonal message across, for example thanking staff for a year of hard work.

5.       Don’t forget to welcome guests who may have joined a staff party.

6.       Don’t speak too seriously. Make it light-hearted as befits the holiday season

7.       Don’t go into too much detail. People can’t take it in when in holiday mode.

8.       Do not refer to sad happenings. A Christmas speech should lift the spirits.

9.       It’s tempting but don’t use the same speech as last year. Someone will remember it. The happenings of a different year call for a new speech

10.     Do not forget to end your speech by wishing your audience the compliments of the Christmas or holiday season.


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