Ten things to do when giving a Christmas/ Happy Holiday speech


1         Make it light-hearted. It’s a sociable time of the year

2         Make it short. People don’t want to hear longwinded speeches at a Christmas or holiday function.

3         Check that the microphones are working properly before you speak. There is usually a lot of chatter at seasonal parties. You will want to be heard.

4         Write a speech that is suitable for the occasion. If it is a company dinner make it motivational as well as seasonal.

5         Tell a Christmas/Holiday story or speak of a Christmas/Holiday memory.

6         It’s fine to have a Christmas/Holiday drink but not until after you have spoken.

7         Santa’s sack has toys for everyone. Make sure your speech has something for everyone in the audience too.

8         Wear something that won’t distract your audience. Santa hats and sparkling earrings are not suitable for a speaker.

9         Mention something local such as the lights on the tree in the nearby shopping mall.

10       End with a Christmas/Happy Holiday toast.


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