When a military officer gives an order it is obeyed


When a military officer gives an order it is obeyed. When he or she gives a speech does it get the same attention? After all most officers have to give army retirement speeches, change of command speeches and graduation speeches all the time. For a busy officer it is difficult to find time to write a different speech for every such occasion. So he or she is inclined to repeat the same thing over and over again. Yet for those hearing the speech it is usually a once off and very important event. So it is well worthwhile to make them feel special by giving a speech especially written for their big day.

For most military occasions the speech should be motivational. It should include mention of duty, camaraderie and dedication. It should speak of love and country and flag. Whether it is a deployment speech or a re-enlistment speech it should be a call to arms that illustrates the importance of the job the military members do. Officers give orders all the time. When they give a speech surely it is their duty to ensure that it is one that makes the troops feel good about what they do? A good speech will inspire them and make them know just why they obey those orders so readily.

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