Military speeches are usually about comings or goings


Military speeches are usually about comings or goings. There are retirement speeches, changes of command speeches or deployment speeches to name a few. Each military speech offers a challenge to the speaker. Firstly the speakers often have to give lots of such speeches and may not want to repeat themselves.

A commanding office will have to inspire his troops and make them feel valued. So each speech should include a mention of camaraderie and loyalty. A mention of family background and support is sometimes appropriate too, especially at a graduation ceremony.  Obviously if an officer can include some mention of an event involving the troop or an achievement so much the better. So he should do his homework.

Naturally then if someone had triplets it might be mentioned by saying he believed that there are three new recruits in the offing. Obviously he could say how proud he was if some of his soldiers won a sporting award. In fact the speech should always be about his pride in those he commands. He should make them feel good about themselves and the job they do. They should recognise the fact that he trusts them and admires them. If he can get that message across his speech will have been a success.

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